Arte Subastas Bilbao

General Conditions


The aim of Subastas Bilbao XXI S.L. is to be an intermediary either by deposit, or exhibition or auction of any kind of objects of art, jewellery, collection pieces and further ancient and modern products.

Supplier’s conditions

The saleroom will establish, together with the depositor, the initial price of the object to be auctioned. The initial price will constitute the minimum price of sale in auction. Subastas Bilbao XXI S.L. reserves the right to exhibit, make pictures and illustrate the objects provided for their sale.

Subastas Bilbao XXI S.L. holds an insurance policy covering any wrecks or damages and guarantying the agreed value shown in the catalogue. The saleroom commissions will be therefore deducted from the said policy.

Once the auction is finished, the 20% commission over the final price will be deducted from the sale price, apart from the corresponding taxes.

The liquidation of the auctioned objects will be made within a 35 working days deadline from the date of the auction, as long as these objects had been paid to the saleroom.

If the supplier decided to withdraw unilaterally a lot, always before the publication of the catalogue, s/he would have to pay to the saleroom the agreed commissions, the taxes corresponding to those commissions, the expenses derived from storing, transportation, cleaning, insurance, certificates, etc. Subastas Bilbao XXI S.L. will deduct it from the lot liquidation. In no case will these lots be removed after the catalogue edition.

Subastas Bilbao XXI S.L. has the right to sell the lots unsold in the auction with the estimated initial price. If here was an offer lower than that price, it would only be sold by agreement between the saleroom and the transferor.

If the unsold lots are not removed within 3 months, they could be auctioned with an initial price a 30% lower than the agreed price, unless the parties had agreed a different price.

Those authors whose works are subjected to Law 22/87 of the Intellectual Property will have the corresponding deduction when applicable. The seller will pay for it.

In case a lot is not removed in the auction, the storing expenses, after the 35 days period, will cost to the owner €5 per day.


The aim of Subastas Bilbao XXI S.L. is to be an intermediary either by deposit, or exhibition or auction of any kind of objects of art, jewellery, collection pieces and further ancient and modern products.

Purchasers’ conditions

The exhibition of the pieces to be auctioned will start at least 7 days before the auction date, so that the stakeholders may have time to make a good judgement of the objects.

Biddings could take place in the saleroom itself during the auction, or over the phone, or in writing by filling in the applications provided by the saleroom staff.

Bidding over the phone involves covering the initial price of the lots.

Every accepted bid, however it is made, will be confidential.

The saleroom reserves the right not to process bids which are not duly accredited.

The final price of the auction will be increased by 16% for fees and taxes.

If there were two writing bids with the same value, priority will be given to that one made on the previous date. Subastas Bilbao XXI reserves the right to decide about the sale of a lot if it presents any problems. The auctioneer designated by Subastas Bilbao XXI will be the only judge regarding the sale of the lots and the final prices. The auction of the lot will be repeated in the same session or in a later one if necessary. The bids are set according to the following scale:

. From € (0 pesetas) to €200 (33,277 pesetas) €10 (1,663 pesetas)
. From 200 € (33.277 ptas.) to 500 € (83.193 ptas.) 25€ (4.159 ptas.)
. From 500 € (83.193 ptas.) to 1.000 € (166.386 ptas.) 50 € (8.319 ptas.)
. From 1.000 € (166.386 ptas.) to 2.000 € (332.772 ptas.) 100 € (16.386 ptas.)
. From 2.000 € (332.772 ptas.) to 5.000 € (831.930 ptas.) 250 € (41.596 ptas.)
. From 5.000 € (831.930 ptas.) to 10.000 € (1.663.860 ptas.) 500 € (83.193 ptas.)
. From 10.000 € (1.663.860 ptas.) to 20.000 € (3.327.720 ptas.) 1.000 € (166.386 ptas.)
. From 20.000 € (3.327.720 ptas.) to 50.000 € (8.319.300 ptas.) 2.500 € (415.965 ptas.)
. From 50.000 € (8.319.300 ptas.) to 100.000 € (16.683.600 ptas.) 5.000 € (831.930 ptas.)
. From 100.000 € (16.683.600 ptas.) to 200.000 € (33.277.200 ptas.) 10.000 € (1.663.860 ptas.)
. From 200.000 € (33.277.200 ptas.) to 500.000 € (83.193.000 ptas.) 25.000 € (4.159.650 ptas.)
. From 500.000 € (83.193.000 ptas.) on: 50.000 € (8.319.300 ptas.)

The information about the lots published in the catalogue is under the criteria of Subastas Bilbao XXI, so they must not be taken as a fact. The purchasers should have their own opinion before the auction, so the products to be auctioned will be publicly exhibited at least 7 days before the auction. Subastas Bilbao XXI will not take any responsibilities for the accuracy of the catalogue.

The payment and collection of the lots will be made no later than 7 days from the auction. The purchaser will take care of the shipping costs.

If the lots have not been collected after those 7 days, €5 per day and lot for custody and storage will be charged. Subastas Bilbao XXI does not take any responsibility for any deterioration of the piece after deadline.

The lots purchased by the buyers will be delivered in the same condition as in the exhibition. Complaints about damages, breakages, restoration… are not accepted, even if they are not shown in the catalogue.

Those interested in bidding for any lot of the auction who cannot visit the exhibition are recommended to contact the management of the Saleroom to receive information about their preservation condition.

Subastas Bilbao XXI does not take any responsibility for any misprints related to the numbering, description, size or prize of the lots included in the catalogue.